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Here is a pic of the open work jacket with its sleeve. (And yarn ends still attached and simply pinned on the far side.)
Open Work Jacket Progress

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I am making progress on the lace panel jacket. I’ve finished one full strip and am about half way through a second. For those that don’t have the pattern, a total of seven strips of lace are worked and then pieced together. Additionally, the sides, the undersides of the sleeve, the collar and the front bands are worked in moss stitch as shaped pieces to give the jacket its curves.

I ended up with the regular purple color of microspun because there happened to be enough of it when I went shopping a second time. Besides, the lilac would probably have shown more dirt on the sleeves from grading papers that students have written in pencil (sour grapes).

Well, here’s a pic:
Lace progress 1

This angle has obliterated some of the texture, so here is a closeup (that obliterates other elements of the texture.)
Lace Pattern

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