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Just in case I am not busy enough (apparently too busy to blog), a friend and I have decided to start a genealogical research service. I have been researching my and my husband’s families since 1995 and have eyed the possibility of becoming a certified genealogist for quite some time. The problem has been that you have to have some client reports to send in your portfolio. This is one of those Catch-22s where you have to say you are a professional before you can be a true professional. Maybe now in a few years I will be able to actually apply for my certification.

The service will be offering all kinds of things: full service research, teaching you how to do your own genealogy, research trips, research consulting, editing of manuscripts (English teacher perfect!), digitization of family heirlooms and documents, and publishing of family history books, family cookbooks, family directories, family photo books, family calendars, family charts, etc.

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