My little corner of the world
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Ok, ok, so I want to know how you would title your first posting to a blog. I considered “Hey, ::tap, tap:: is this thing on?” I thought about “Let’s get rolling.” I mused over finding something witty to use that would reveal the inner workings of my mind and hint at the theme of this blog.

None of it appealed. None of it seemed to work.

I finally settled on a piece of age old advice which I rely on every time I consider a journey. Pee before you go.

This journey that you and I will embark upon will probably ramble. It will include notes about mundane bits of by life, some of which might be really interesting only to me. It will include musings about my hobbies, you’ll just have to wait to find out how much of a scatter brain I can be when choosing hobbies. It will include posts about history as I see it, genealogical facts, and cemetery visits.

Enjoy the journey!