My little corner of the world
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Joann’s did not have ANY lilac colored Microspun! And Michael’s just across the street didn’t have enough! I can’t buy some and wait to get the rest later because the dye lots might be different!

And what does the resourceful shopper do in a situation like that?

You buy something different! Instead I got some Lion Brand Imagine in grey tones to complete an open work jacket and some Lion Brand Wool Ease in Black to complete a horseshoe lace cardigan. Both are free patterns from And yes, I am using yarn which is different from that specified in the patterns. Ain’t SEX great (that is Stash Enhancement Xperience for the virginal.)

I also got some Caron Simply Soft in Violet for a project that will need many more skeins before it is done…but in a no dye lot yarn, I can buy skeins anytime. I will post about this project later.