5 Things Friday* – 9/6/19

Things and thoughts and stuff that I may have run across during the past week. *It may not always be on Fridays, and it could be more or less than 5 things. My site, my rules.

  1. Thought of the week: Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot. Take the 3 1/2 minutes and just listen.
  2. Music I was listening to this week: Ayokay “Swing Swing”. An artist that I just discovered. Catchy and ambient at the same time.
  3. Defining what’s really important for you to work on: A 100+ year old method for achieving peak productivity. Deceptively simple. But hugely effective. The Ivy Lee Method.
  4. This page is intentionally blank: Not an uncommon thing to see in technical manuals and academic papers. Its a function of the printing and binding process for physical copies of books. Some pages need to be left blank for the printed copy to display as intended. The text is added to the otherwise blank page so the reader doesn’t worry that there was a printing mistake. Apparently just having an actual blank page upset folks as they felt as if they were missing something important. The irony is that by adding the “This page intentionally left blank” text to a page it actually makes itself factually incorrect as the page is no longer truly blank.
  5. Tool of the week: Binder clips. Everyone uses these handy little guys to keep papers together. But they are so much more useful than that. There are thousands of “hanks” on the internet for different ways to use these. Personally I like to use them for cord and cable management. You can screw one side of the Wire “handle” to the underside of your wooden desk, and then just squeeze them open and insert your cables. Easy to do, keeps your cables tidy and out of the way, but the clips also make it easy to change cables, or add to existing cables.

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