5 Things Friday* – 8/9/19

I’m going to try to sit down once a week and write a bit about things and thoughts and stuff that I may have run across during the week.

*It may not always be on Fridays, and it could be more than 5 things. My site, my rules. 🙂

  1. Music that I was listening to this week: More Giraffes. “AOP”. Funky and catchy and just what I needed mid week. Listen on Youtube
  2. The folks that made my phone case. These folks made the phone case that I wrote about here. Exceptionally cool pieces of functional art. Carved
  3. An App that I’ve started using to help organize my life. I’m trying to streamline my current business workflow while hopefully laying the groundwork for expansion of my business in the future. Trello works in a way that makes sense to me.
  4. A random productivity tip. Get yourself a piece of DRY ERASE Vinyl and cut it to fit so you can stick it to the top of the desk where you do most of your work. Take notes right on your desk, no waste from paper notes, no looking for a pencil and paper, and with a 4 pack of dry erase markers you can even color code your notes by topic or projects.
  5. This weeks quote: “It’s simple until you make it complicated.” – Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp

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