5 Things Friday* – 8/23/19

Things and thoughts and stuff that I may have run across during the past week. *It may not always be on Fridays, and it could be more or less than 5 things. My site, my rules. 🙂

  1. Music that I was listening to this week: Fitz and the Tantrums “I Need Help“. Funky and catchy, but also pretty spot on. I think at times we all take on a little more than we can do on our own. I’m slowly learning that its not a failure to admit that I’m not able to do everything myself all the time.
  2. My thought of the week: “Sometimes you have to take that leap and learn to fly on the way down.” I’ve seen several folks that I follow online discuss variations on the theme of taking a small action to jump start forward progress. And while I don’t necessarily disagree with that. I do think that sometimes a small action isn’t enough to overcome our natural resistance to progress. I think that sometimes you need to take a big leap and just trust that you will figure things out on the way down. Taking that big leap forces you to keep moving. When you take that leap, there is no going back. I don’t think its the best option for everything, but every now and again shaking things up can be good for you.
  3. My favorite bag: The Waterfield “Cargo” laptop bag. I freely admit that I don’t travel much. Being 6’4″ I don’t fit in airplanes very well these days. But I do love a good bag. I bought my “Cargo” bag probably 10 years ago now, and I still adore it. In those 10 years, I’ve used it for family car trips, client visits, and its even been to the SEMA show 5 or 6 years in a row and it still looks amazing. The leather wears and ages slowly like a favorite bomber jacket, and the rest of the case is super sturdy and still looks fantastic. Its not inexpensive, but you won’t need to replace it every few years cause its worn out. This is an investment bag that just has a timeless look to it. I get comments and questions every time I take it anywhere.
  4. A guilty pleasure: “The Boys”. An Amazon original show available on Prime. I ran across this a couple of weeks back, and I’ve been catching an episode here and there while I’m eating lunch and I have a bit of time to spare. Its a superhero show, but its very dark and brutal and unflinching. Its NOT a feel good “superhero saves the day” sort of show. The “Supes” are celebrities working for a massive corporation. You either love it or you hate it but its quite unlike most of what’s out there.
  5. “Tool” of the week: Pentel “Twist Erase” mechanical pencil in 0.9 lead. Just about the perfect mechanical pencil. The 0.9 lead is slightly larger than average so its not as brittle as smaller lead and seems to last a little longer than the smaller lead. The balance of the pencil is really nice. And it has a fairly large twist up eraser. I use it quite a bit for drawing up plans for welding projects and home projects. You can vary your line weight, shade parts of your drawing easily, and it even works with the precision ruler that I mentioned last week.

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