5 Things Friday* – 8/16/19

Things and thoughts and stuff that I may have run across during the past week. *It may not always be on Fridays, and it could be more than 5 things. My site, my rules. 🙂

  1. Quote of the week: Failure counts as done. So do mistakes. – The Done Manifesto
  2. Music I was listening to this week: Track Team Dropouts – “Got it this Good”. Also the ringtone on my phone. I use it as a reminder to not forget the positive things in life.
  3. A book I’ve started reading: Never Split the Difference. Written by a retired FBI hostage negotiator. Negotiation techniques for business and life.
  4. A random tool that I love: General Tools #641 Ultra Rule. 6″ flex stainless steel ruler with Millimeters and inches down to 1/32″. Has slots along both edges at all of the markings for easy marking of your work piece. Because sometimes you do want to be precise. I have the 12″ Version of this ruler that seems to have been discontinued, but the 6″ version has all the same features. This is my FAVORITE ruler, and the one that I reach for most often.
  5. Something that I wonder about: When did Small, Medium, and Large become obsolete terms? Why must we have Tall, Grande, Venti drinks, or Mega Rolls and Super Mega rolls? If its the smallest option that you offer, then its a SMALL. Giving it a trendy name is not going to suddenly make it “not” small anymore. I don’t suddenly feel better about myself because I was able to get a “Tall” drink instead of a “Small” drink. I just kinda feel sorry for you as a business because it seems like you might be trying a little too hard to be cool or edgy or whatever.

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